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About Conference

One of the primary motives of the 3rd International Conference on Future Communication & Computing Technology (ICFCCT-2023) to be held in Malaysia , on the 30th - 31st of May 2023 is to spur unique discoveries in terms of countering conventional challenges faced in everyday engineering activities and technologies. Technology is progressing at a very fast pace, which currently is weighing heavily on the earth's bounty of natural resources and causing serious damage to the environment. The price for this large-scale and mass expansion in all forms of daily life is being paid for in the form of climate change. View More

Theme of the Conference

The theme of this conference revolves around bringing engineering, technology, and management research areas synchronically on an indivisible platform. This conference will draw collectively research fellowships from diverse fields in unitedness, to share their research findings and latest ideas. The main intention of this conference is to integrate interdisciplinary inquiry to deliver the best applications.

Attending this remarkable event will help participants sharpen their skills and refine their ideas as well as approaches by meeting with their peers and counterparts. They will also have the chance to meet experts and high-level delegates, along with share ideas and research findings from past and present. Participants can build new networks to meet different personalities and learn about the latest tools available.

This conference serves as a unique confluence of networking, entertainment, learning, and in one ensemble. This event will require you to develop and challenge participants with their ideas and proposals. The most promising research studies will be issued in highly reputable journals and publication.

Keynote Speakers


Dr. Abbas Al-Bakry


University of Information Technology and Communications



Dr. Ipseeta Nanda

Dean-Information Technology

Associate Professor

Faculty of Information Technology

Gopal Narayan Singh University,Jamuhar, Rohtas,Bihar,India


Mr. John Patrick Shaw



Dublin, Ireland


Prof.A. Sesha Rao


Vignan's Institute of Engineering for Women

Visakhapatnam, India

Important Dates

Early Bird

18thMarch 2023

Abstract submission

12th April 2023

Full Paper Submission

28th April 2023

Registration Deadline

05th May 2023

Objective of the Conference

The 3rd International Conference on Future Communication & Computing Technology (ICFCCT-2023), scheduled to take place on the 30th - 31st of May 2023, in the beautiful city of Malaysia , is an international platform for all sorts of researchers and scholars, practitioners and academicians, students and scientists, to discuss interdisciplinary research and training in engineering and technology. This conference is also intended for researchers, decision-makers, educators, senior managers, practitioners, and others, to serve as a comprehensive platform to present and discuss the latest discoveries, drifts and interests, as well as practical difficulties and resolutions in sectors such as engineering and technology.

The International Conference on Future Communication & Computing Technology (ICFCCT-2023) aims to give researchers, students, and delegates and the occasion to communicate and share their expertise and understanding of technology utilization. This event will also serve as an excellent international forum for sharing expertise and results on recent challenges in engineering technology. The goal of the conference is to provide a stage for scientists and practitioners from academia and industry to address issues with development in the field.

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